Thanks to the extraordinary location of the “house of peter Mot” you can go hiking, biking, swimming and canoeing.​


Hiking in the Hageland is splendid: there is the openness of the river-Demer-valley, the Hageland-hills and the woods which feature open fields and meadows. Here and there you will also notice some vineyards on the slopes and you can also explore the pine-woods from Langdorp up to Averbode.

The B&B Het huis van peter Mot is situated on the GR Hageland track. We have different tracks starting at the front-door and maps and full details can be supplied.

Locally, there is the “Merode” hiking network and also the “Hagelandse heuvels network” (maps are available) - both with marked tracks.



The Hageland is a paradise for cycling fanatics.

B&B Het huis van peter Mot is literally on the famous Flanders biking network - nodal point nr 2 is only 50m away.

We have different tracks starting at the front-door and can supply maps and full details.

Toerisme Vlaanderen and Logeren in Vlaanderen Vakantieland have referred to our B&B as “cheerful-bikers-accommodation”. We also supply bicycles for hire and a covered bicycle shed.

To make your trip easier, we can take your luggage to your next accommodation (prices available upon request).



Er zijn in de stad Aarschot talrijke culturele evenementen en zo heeft het “CC Het Gasthuis” (hier een link maken) een bijzonder vol en interessant agenda. Het kan bij ons geraadpleegd worden. In de loop van maart is er het intussen internationaal vermaarde “Boze Wolf”- evenement. In augustus en september komt er een prestigieuze kunsttentoonstelling in het kader van WO1. Er is het “Aleydis theater”(link) met regelmatig nieuwe producties. In het najaar in november is er de inmiddels bekende KUNSTROUTE waar “Het huis van peter Mot” als partner.


Other opportunities

Swimming: In the indoor city swimming pool (covered). Or outdoor in Provinciaal Domein Halve Maan in Diest or in Domein Ter Heide Rotselaar.

B&B Het huis van peter Mot is on the horse riding track: “Route van Rillaar”

Scooter-riding through the Hageland: “Green city tours”

For the kids there is a huge play-ground “Bekaf”, within walking distance, at Aarschot.

In the Cultural Centre “CC Het Gasthuis” in Aarschot there are a lot of events and we have a calendar of activities in the B&B.

If there is anything else you are interested in doing please let us know and we can arrange this for you.